Jinbei Truck - Public-Good and Environment Friendly Brisk Walk

Time: 2015-05-24

On May 23, 2015, a grand campaign “Carry forward Jinbei culture, brand and spirit through public-good and environment-friendly brisk walk” was held by Jinbei truck with the aim of demonstrating vibrant enterprise style with practical action and reflecting enthusiastic, positive and aggressive spirits of Jinbei workers. As an long-established enterprise with a history of 57 years, Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has flied JBC flag highly over the sky of Chinese truck market for nearly a half century and committed itself to pass the flag on from generation to generation.



Hundreds of vigorous and energetic JBC employees gathered in front of main building early in the morning. They were dressed in red, green and blue, representing Lingqi, Qiyun and Yunying brand separately.



The campaign started with passing out of Jinbei flags from company leaders to captains of three square formations.



With a heart of bravery and confidence, hundreds of JBC men set off and delivered thanks to JBC truck users for their support and trust by distributing small gifts and water all along the way.



After seven-kilometer walk, three teams arrived at the destination, which marked a complete success of public-good and environment-friendly brisk walk. The implementation of national IV emission standard in domestic truck market provides a golden chance for us to compete with other industry leading enterprises. In order to lay a solid foundation for stronger, better and bigger JBC truck business and carry forward JBC products and brands, we should seize every moment to meet challenges with collaboration, passion, courage and aggression.