Jinbei Auto Established Strategic Partnership with Coca-Cola

Time: 2015-06-19

On June 18th, first 16 JBC trucks for logistics were delivered officially to Coca-Cola company in front of main building of Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

These trucks for logistics distribution are the first batch Coca-Cola Company purchased from Liaoning province this year by means of public tender. With competitive advantages on aspects such as products, quality, price and service, Jinbei truck stood out from the rest and won the bid. Moreover, Jinbei has established strategic partnership with Coca-Cola for further cooperation.

Jinbei has always committed itself to the development of big customers. With  excellent quality and good reputation, Jinbei trucks are favored by many customers in logistics industry, including Coca-Cola, the largest soft drink enterprise and one of the most famous and valuable brand in the world. The successful delivery of JBC truck for logistics contributes significantly to the improvement of JBC brand influence. In future, Jinbei will continue to focus on the development of big customers and provide more satisfactory products to each clients by enriching product range, improving product quality and expanding its market reach.